Lightning Arrester in Roy, UT


A surge arrester

Surge arresters are devices available at Lightning Arrester Guys in Roy, UT, that are used to help prevent damage to apparatus due to high voltages. The arrester provides a low independence path to the ground for current from a lightning strike or passing voltage and it then restores it to a normal operating condition.


AC Power Surge Arrester

There are a variety of types of surge arresters that are available at Lightning Arrester Guys in Roy, UT, and that can be used for different applications:

Type 1 surge protectors from Lightning Arrester Guys in Roy, UT are designed to be installed where a direct lightning strike risk is high, and especially when the building is equipped with external lightning protection system.

Type 2 surge protectors in Lightning Arrester Guys are designed to be installed at the beginning of the installation, in the main switchboard, or close to sensitive terminals, or installations without lightning rods.

.Type 3 surge protectors are used in case of very sensitive or remote equipment, secondary stage of surge protectors is required.


Installing Surge Arresters

When you install your surge arrester from Lightning Arrester Guys in Roy, UT, and the only single most critical parameter is the cable length to the main network and to the particular piece of equipment it should be protecting. The shorter the cable the better it is since a cable that is too long can end up destroying a load.

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Lightning Arrester in Roy, UT

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The 50 centimeter installation rule.

A rule of thumb for the length of a cable between the surge arrester and the mains network is the so called 50 centimeter rule.

* Connect the surge protector as close to the power networks terminal block as possible.

* Mount the circuit breaker. The most effect arrangement is a surge arrester that incorporates a disconnect circuit breaker.

* Install an intermediate earthing terminal as close as possible to the SPD earth terminal block, then you can connect it to the main earthing protection cable from the ground.

The 10 centimeter installation rule.

The same principle applies to cables between surge arresters and pieces of equipment. If they are longer than 10 meters, then you should install a second surge arrester as close as you can to the equipment and you should use the same brand of surge arrestor and stick to the manufactures coordination rule.

Benefits of a surge arrester.

A surge arrestor from Lightning Arrester Guys in the Roy, UT has a number of benefits to the home owner, such as the fact that it provides inexpensive insurance for a central air conditioning system for instance. Also, a surge arrestor from Lightning Arrester Guys in Roy, UT reduces the loss of equipment due to voltage spikes, it also reduces equipment downtime, additionally it reduces maintenance costs for any equipment you have at your home from Lightning Arrester Guys and it is also very helpful when it comes to reducing your electric bill.

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