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Lightning arrester

Its a protective device from Lightning Arrester Guys which conducts the high voltage surge on the power system to the ground, and it provides protection against surges.


About Lightning

Lightning travelling stroke that are direct discharge directly from the cloud to the subject equipment, and those that are indirect result from electro statically induced charges on the conductors due to the presence of charge clouds. These effects are harmful to your equipment from Lightning Arrester Guys and even a transformer, more reason as to why you should install a lightning arrester from Lightning Arrester Guys to help you curb the effects.


Types of Lightning arresters according to class

There are a variety of different types of lightning arrester that you can get from Lightning Arrester Guys, and they are classified as follows depending on class:

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Lightning Arrester

* Station Class- These are the type of arresters in Lightning Arrester Guys that are mostly used in electrical power stations and other high voltage structures and areas. They protect against both the lightning and over-voltages, when the electrical device has more current in the system than it is designed to handle. They protect any equipment above the 20 mVA range.

* Intermediate class- These type of lightning arresters inLightning Arrester Guys also protect against surges from lightning and over-voltages, but they are designed to be used in medium voltage equipment areas, for instance electrical utility stations, substations, transformers and any other substation equipment. They are designed for use on equipment in the range of 1 to 20 Mva.

* Distribution class-Lightning Arrester Guys has these type of lightning arresters that are found on transformers, both dry type and the liquid type. These types of arresters are also found on exposed lines that have different connections to rotating machines. These arresters are found on equipment rated at 1000 Kva or less.

* Secondary class-These lightning arresters in Lightning Arrester Guys ARE DESIGNED TO PROTECT most homes and businesses from lightning strikes and they are also required by most electrical codes. These types of arresters offer the least amount of protection to electrical systems and they do not protect any solid state technology or anything containing a microprocessor.

To get professional help and guidance if you want to have a lightning arrester at your home, you can contact us on 888-390-5559 at Lightning Arrester Guys and we will help you in deciding what type of arrester you will need for your home and that will be tailored to your needs.

Maintenance of Lightning arrester.

A lightning arrester that you obtain from Lightning Arrester Guys is an equipment, and it will need to be looked after and kept in good maintenance so that it serves its purpose best. To keep your lightning arrester from Lightning Arrester Guys in good state, Clean the outside of the lightning arrester often, ensure the line should be de-energized before handling the arrester, and the earth connection should be checked occasionally.

More so, keep a record the readings of the surge counter, and the line lead should also be securely fastened to the line conductor and arrester. Finally the ground lead should also be securely fastened to the arrester terminal and ground.

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